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How to check change of Google PR during month or year?

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How to check change of Google PR during month or year?

Hello All,

I am planning to open a few websites in near future. I would be grateful if you show me resources in the Internet where I can check online how my Google PR are changing month-by-month. I know a lot of sites which can check my PR via online form so please don't offer them for me. I am searching for websites which will be able to show me a graphic of changing my PR during a month and year. This resources also should be able to send me these information via email as well.

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I am unable to locate the type of software you want. I did find a list of pagerank checker apps/websites. If you are unable to find a software that fits your needs, maybe you can just do it manually, that is, run a PR check each month, log it in an excel file then create a graph to see your site's progress.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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