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How or Where to Start on a SEO strategy?

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How or Where to Start on a SEO strategy?

Hi, i just want to know where or how can i start the appropriate SEO strategy for my site? (NO ADWORDS PPC or similar), is there a manual at affilorama or what is this about?
Thank you so much
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Hi angelnewsletters,

We don't have a manual but we do have lessons on SEO. It all starts with proper on-page SEO then from there you build links using a variety of methods. It's best to know how each method works, and from there you can decide which one to go at first.

If you have Affiloblueprint, you can check out the Resources sidebar on Step 6 or Step 7 lessons. Mark included a basic SEO strategy/guide there.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You can start your SEO when you start writing your articles. As you are putting your articles together think about what you want to say and write the best article you can and put in the keywords you are wanting to rank for but they have to make sense in how the article reads.

After the article and page are done you can go into the background stuff for the web page and put in your meta tag, your H1 tag and if you have your article put together you can also use an H2 and H3 tag. Put in your page description and Keywords. So you actually always do SEO while you are putting your pages together so it is easier to do if you kept that in mine.

After that you can start getting links for the page.
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