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How Long for Google Search Text Preview to Update

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How Long for Google Search Text Preview to Update

Hi! Does anyone know how long it takes for the text preview in the search results on Google to be updated? I've got myself the top spot for a highly searched term but am not getting as much traffic as I would expect so I want to experiment with the text preview. However, it seems to take weeks or more to update this.
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It would all depend on when google will crawl your web page again. And of course google does not say when it will crawl any web page, so we can't say exactly how long it takes. Just go ahead and update your meta description for your web page then cross your fingers and hope that google crawls the page again very soon :)
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Agree. It would be difficult to know for sure when Google would update your page information. Google would need to recrawl the page to see the updated content then update their index before you'll see the changes. Some say this could take more than 4 weeks. If the meta description is the only change that you made on your site then it could take longer. If you make your page more popular by building backlinks to it, then the search engines will crawl it faster.
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