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How Insert Image on Google

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How Insert Image on Google

can any body suggest me how can we add image on Google,means suppose I just put keyword "computer repair" on Google search then I click on image then list of image showed in computer related.so how can it possible.

2.I have an website (which is fully image).I want how all the image will be listed when any one click on this keyword "aslamshaik" then click on image then all of the image will be listed.

3.Follow this instruction
Google search--aslamshaik--image

if any body have idea then please share.
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Google Images lists images in it's directory by the tittle in wich its given in the various websites.
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J.C. Dean
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Use the proper "alt tags" and "title tags" to help Google index your images. This refers to the descriptive data that you should include with images on your website. If you hover your mouse on an image, a text will be displayed inside a small box that will describe your image. If you add this, Google will find your images and put them on images.google.com.

This article also gave helpful tips: How to get your web pictures on Google Image Search
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