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How Do You Lose SEO Position and Gain Back?

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How Do You Lose SEO Position and Gain Back?

I Had a Website Ranked Page 1 Google For a Couple Of Terms even for One term #3 all the sudden it Vanished Not Even in Top 100 position.In Yahoo and Alta Vista Stayed there For Another 4 or 5 months even Had #1 Spot in Yahoo and Alta Vista Long Time All the Sudden #3 Then #7 then Completely GONE!!! When Drop Occurred Less than 2 Week Period BAM!!. The Question I Have Is What Happened and Since My Position Dropped Fast! And Far! Can I Get Position Back? and If So How? Any Helpers Out There?
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Don't worry about this, and continue to build backlinks to your website.

Sometimes, it happens, this is known as the Google dance. Your site should reappear in Google soon (if you didn't do anything that got it banned).

As for getting on the first page, it true that it helps a lot, but it's not the end of the world.

Google is only ONE aspect of online marketing.

Question: how were you promoting your site?

I really hope you re-conquer your lost position.

All the best,
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This is a common occurrence when sites are relatively new. The debate never ends as to the reality of the Google 'sandbox,' but experience seems to support it. Google acknowledges your existence, then sends you off to the 'sandbox' to play while your site matures. In a few months, or maybe earlier if you work hard at adding lots of quality content, you'll suddenly reappear.

The purpose behind this, it is said, is that Google wants to avoid wasting searchers' time on sites that appear today and are gone tomorrow, as frequently happens.
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