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How can I fix my old permalinks to redirect to the new ones?

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How can I fix my old permalinks to redirect to the new ones?

I created a new site about 3 months old but I made some changes lately in the permalinks url's. After few weeks I checked my google webmaster tool, it showed that I have several crawl errors with 404 or page can't be found. Apparently it was because of the change I made. How can I fix these old permalink url's and point them to my new permalink urls? I've seen that some of them have backlinks connected already to these old url's which already gained link juice and traffic. Is the 301 redirect the solution for this so that my gained link juice be counted towards my new permalinks? That's why I want to redirect them to solve this. Is this necessary? I used Wordpress for my site. I also have the plug in SEO Wordpress where you can do 301 redirects but I don't see any option there to redirect my old urls' to my new ones. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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Yes, redirecting the old links to the new will resolve this issue. Have you checked Settings > SEO Wordpress in your Wordpress Dashboard? You should be able to apply the 301 redirects from there.

Please let me know how you get on.

All the best!
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Good that you're checking your Google Webmaster Tools account.

I use a handy WordPress plugin called, "Redirection", which makes doing 301 (permanent) redirects very easy. It also alerts you to all 404 errors in its dashboard log, if you check the appropriate checkbox. And it makes it simple to monitor and edit your 301 redirects later, if you make any mistakes.

Some of Redirection's logged errors may be less important than others, so it may be a good idea to also use Google Webmaster Tools crawl error logs along with "Redirection", to quickly spot the most critical ones (usually the ones from outside of your own blog).

Hope this helps...
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