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How can I create multiple accounts in Ezine?

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How can I create multiple accounts in Ezine?

How does one get around the rules ezine articles has about having one account per human if you have more than site and need to be an expert in more than one area or are not the author of the articles you want to submit?
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You can uses different author names, which is what I do. If you want to use your personal name then um... I don't know if they track IP addresses so not sure if you can simply get more than one account. I have done this in the past, but I don't know if they have changed something or not. I only use one account at the moment.

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You can use a pen name, and it will look like two different people. I mean that if you are in the affiliate niche for example, and you use a pen name for the lean Spanish niche, those who read your Spanish articles will not know that you are an affiliate marketer.

or... if you have a daughter, wife, they can open an account as well.

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