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Homepage not indexed and rank only subpages?

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Homepage not indexed and rank only subpages?

I have no idea why only the subpages were indexed and rank, I want also the homepage to be index and rank as well.. Any ideas? I need help guys.. Thanks..
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Is your website new? If it is, then this is normal. Depending on your target keywords and niche (like how competitive it is), it takes time for your website to rank. Continue with your SEO. Also, check your competition's homepage and compare it with yours. What makes their homepage stand out? Maybe you need to tweak your home page, make its article/s unique.
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If the Website is new, the homepage will rank in time, especially if all you are doing is building links to the subpages and skipping the homepage.

If you want to speed the process of getting your homepage ranked, simply build links to it, both internal and more importantly external. Then just wait patiently. Search engine traffic is a slow game, don't expect it to be otherwise.

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