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hi guys i need some help here

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hi guys i need some help here

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum here. I have began my internet marketing journey since the beginning of March this year and have not earn any money till now =(. But i am not giving up. I have some questions which i hope some of you may be able to help me.

I am in the niche market of: dating, muscle training, relationship saver and weight loss. All my keywords are researched with traffic travis with its competition level as mostly relatively easy and only some with medium difficulty.

My SEO approach is using Mark's method:
1. blog and forum commenting
2. social bookmarking
3. article marketing
4. profile building
5. web 2.0 creation

I did not use AMA as i try it out for 3 months and find it to be extremely disappointing.

Despite the fact that i have nearly 2000 yahoo backlinks right now, i do not rank most of my keywords. Most of my competitors are just aged domain but their backlinks are not as much as mine. But i read many seo guides and most claimed that age domains does not matter as much anymore. So how come i am not ranking at all?

Secondly, i ranked only for let say 4 out of 20 keywords to google page 1 number 1 but there is basically no result found in msn or yahoo search engine. And most of my other keywords are still stuck in page 5 or 6 of google. I found it weird. Do you guys have any advice why yahoo and msn have no result at all plus why is it that my other keywords are still ranking badly despite the fact that other websites do have not much backlinks (shown in yahoo backlinks).

Thanks a lot for your advice in advance.
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Hi leon85aw,

I can see that you are a well researched guy and that's a very good trait. As long as your following Mark's method, you should be able to see results but, in some cases, it may take a while for Google, Yahoo and MSN to improve your ranking. Are you following AffiloBlueprint? I'm just curious. Anyway, Why not give us the link to your site so that the very helpful people here could take a look?

Never give up. I'm with you on that.

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hey, leon, there are a lot of factors involved, and really we can't say exactly what it is that is keeping you from ranking. first of all, I would look at the quality of links to your site. are any of the sites you link from actually bringing any direct traffic to your site? if not, this is often part of the problem.

look to the relevance of your site. Google uses a lot of factors such as bounce rate, time on page, number of page views, etc... to see how relevant people see your site when they visit. if people don't see you as being relevant to particular keyword, you wont keep a high ranking for that keyword.

one of the biggest factors is still backlinks. remember, keyword tools don't really show the complete package. often, they show just a small portion of the number links competing sites actually have. for example, one of my sites I was looking at the other day says I have about 5,000 links total. the site is over 3 years old, has over 300 pages of content, and I know it has over a million backlinks to it, but that is all the keyword tools are reporting.
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