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Help with understanding Exact match

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Help with understanding Exact match

Hi Guys,

Just wondering on some feedback in regards to understanding a few things.

I have TT and I have entered in a key word that I want to pursue in the exact search and find that the keyword has 44,000 Us Searches a month. I then typed this in google and found the top 5 sites and have entered them into TT and have seen that none of them have a site map or low Alexia rankings, also all have under 400 back links in total website and all have over 25 page warnings.

I then searched the key word in broad and in the US alone there was 7.5million results and over 35 million worldwide. There are so many long tail keywords related to my single keyword and I have looked at a few of them and they have over 1 million back links for my key word in a longer phrase.

What are your thoughts on this situation?.
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Not sure what you're asking exactly, here are some thoughts:

Seems to me the main concern on any keyword that passes muster on the basics (over 1,000 US searches a month, etc.) is their context within your niche. That is, how they are used by the members of your market niche.

Remember that "needy crisis" and high "buy intention" keys (purchase words, author names, product names, etc.) will give you the best Sales Conversion Rates (see the many videos here on key word research).

I often use "Phase Match", rather than "Exact Match" or "Broad Match", in order to check out various forms of a key word without getting so wild as broad match. I wouldn't put a lot of trust in broad match for key word analysis - though it can help with thinking up long tail versions.

Sounds like the competition is pretty weak. Did you also use the TT4 "SEO > Competition" tab with your key words?

The Affiloblueprint video lessons go into a lot of detail on key word research and analysis.

Hope this helps....
_jim coe
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exact match is the number that people search "exactly".
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