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***Help with domain name issue please***

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***Help with domain name issue please***

Hi all,

My web address does not contain my keyword phrase that I am trying to rank for.

However, I own two other domain names which do contain my keyword phrase, these domains are not in use at the moment.

How can I best use these domain names to help with my sites SEO?

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Andrew,

Do you mean to use those keyword-rich domain names to help your existing site which does not have your keywords in its domain name? If yes, and if the keyword domain names do not have domain age, I am afraid those would not help much, but you can try redirecting the keyword rich domain names to your existing website. Use a 301 redirect. For more information about creating 301 redirects, go to http://www.affilorama.com/site-building/301-redirects
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