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Help Me Tweak My Site's SEO?

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Help Me Tweak My Site's SEO?

Good afternoon

I´d be more than thankful if someone would kindly orientate me on how best to tweak my CEO. My domain is experthealthhub.com and I´m very new to exactly what I should do. Thanks in advance for any help forthcoming.

Andrew Fairbairn
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Hi Andrew,

I'm sure you mean SEO, not CEO. Although I'm sure there are a great many CEOs in this world who could do with a little tweaking.

What keywords are you hoping to rank for? At the moment all I'm seeing is stuff around whey protein supplements, and paleo diets. The first step for any site is to identify what you hope to appear high in the search engines for. Imagine the people who are going to be interested in buying the products you're promoting, and then try to think of what they would be searching for in Google. (Ideally what they're searching for when they're on the verge of buying the thing you're promoting.)

Those are your keywords, and you need to structure your site and build content to help you rank well for those keywords. Most sites will have quite a few: At least 10 - 20. And you'll typically have one separate page on your website targeting each keyword. From there you need to make sure that you have your keywords in your page title, your H1 tag, and that the content of your article is actually highly relevant to the search term. This is "on page" SEO.

After that you need to start building your reputation around the internet: in other words, getting links from other websites, getting people to share your content. This is what we call "off page SEO", although most people just talk about "link building".

You can use a tool like Traffic Travis (free) or AffiloTools (free trial available) to check your on-page SEO for your keywords once you've found them. These tools will give you a bunch of actionable tasks to improve your SEO. They can also find and keep track of any links you build to your site, so you'll see when new ones pop up.

I know I've recommended it to you before, but AffiloBlueprint does a really good job of teaching SEO. It's quite a large topic, and I really think you'd benefit from a more structured course. You've probably spent a lot of time hunting around the internet, and asking questions in forums like this. It's so much less confusing to just to have a course lay it out for you in step-by-step videos. It might cost a bit of money, but it's a pretty modest investment for the amount of time and backtracking it'll save you.
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