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Has FTS done this to you? Got logged out after spinning?

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Has FTS done this to you? Got logged out after spinning?

Has anyone had this problem with FTS? It has happened twice now...

I create an article and painstakingly spin it as instructed and then hit submit. Once I submit, the system immediately redirects me to re-log in, which I do. Then, nothing. There was no message. Nothing in my Stats. Everything I worked on is gone - just vanished. I thought maybe I took too long and my session timed out so I did it all over again, more quickly this time, and the same thing happened. I've submitted 2 support tickets and neither one of them have been answered.

Any suggestions?

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It happened to me the first time I used FTS. When I checked back a few days later, I saw it accepted my article and started distributing it though. I'd wager, your work isn't lost at all.
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