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Grey Bar Page Rank

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Grey Bar Page Rank

I used to rank for the term panic away review for the following url...


It now gets a page rank of n/a. The page isn't indexed in google anymore, I put quotes around it and searched for it.

This happened a while back. I ran CopyScape on the page and some undesirable had stolen my review word for word. I rewrote it and got back in the search rankings. Now I've disappeared from the rankings but CopyScape says that may page is unique this time with nobody having stolen it.

What's happened, and what's the best way to get my ranking back?

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Setup webmaster tools for your site and see what Google is reporting for this URL. Submit a sitemap for your site and you could even try submitting a reinclusion request to Google (instructions are in webmaster tools for this).

Other than that, just continue doing SEO on the page and the site in general and over time it will come back.
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An easier way to check which of your pages are indexed would be to type


into google search. In any case, your Panic Away Review page does really seem to be not indexed on google. But I do see it on Yahoo.

Submitting a sitemap to google could help, as it is a way to get the bots to crawl and re-crawl your pages.
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