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Google Analytics vs Awstats

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Google Analytics vs Awstats

Hi guys

Why the large difference in visitors with Google analytics and my awstats. Analytics shows 238 and awstats show over 800!? According to awstats this count does not include visits by the search engine bots. So I am a bit confused especially when trying to work out my conversion ratio....

I know I have seen this question asked before on the forum but I cant remember the exact outcome of the question.

I notice many gurus selling products that they show their Awstats traffic results and not their Google Analytics....so which one is correct?
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awstats records all the activity on your ip.....for instance if you have a shared hosting awstats will show for all the sites.
analytics is only for the pages the code resides and domain it was created for.
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I dont agree with the above comment, all sites will have their own unique awstats, so not sure how you can say that

Awstats does not and i repeat does not only record activity on your ip, it shows you page views etc, so this comment above is pretty "well lets just say" someone not knowing what they are talking about or someone who has never used awstats before

There is a major difference between the two, but Awstats is more correct in my opinion its server based as well as recording everything, spiders, bots are not counted in the page views either most AWstats out there are pretty sophisticated
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