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good blog on bounce rate

mark schaaf
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good blog on bounce rate

Good blog on bounce but I have a few questions. I can understand saying if someone leaves your site from the page they land on soon after they get there will effect the bounce rate but what if they land on the page they are interested in and read it for 10 minutes or so and finish the page and leave.

Maybe at the time that is all the information they wanted and will come back another day. I notice all kinds goofy things when I look at google analytic s and don't really know how to research it. Example I have had some people come to a specific page on my site because the visitor typed in a keyword phrase that exactly matched the content of the page.

The problem is they left in 15 seconds. So my problem is since I can't tell what country this person was from in the list of visitors I don't know how much english they read and could have left because of it. However since all keywords google listed are in english I can only think they do speak english.

So my question is if someone comes to one of my pages that has exactly the information they are looking for why in the world wouldn't they read the article. You can't tell if an article is going to have the information you are looking for in 15 seconds no mater how fast someone reads.

I have had so many people look at my site's colors and like what they see that I don't think it could be the color. How can I figure out what some of these people are looking for. How can someone typing in a similar search term stay for 10 minutes and someone else typing in almost the same thing leave in 10 seconds.
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Just some ideas off the top of my head Mark.
Maybe you could ask some visitors? There are free chat systems which would allow you to talk directly to visitors. I think some chat systems would pop up a chat window where you could ask them some question to initiate a chat. Just use it temporarily, until you get some answers, or make it a permanent feature to increase sales.

Put up a poll to quiz visitors for a while.

Offer a (perhaps paid or with a valuable freebie) questionnaire for visitors to fill out.

Go to eLance or such and hire some people to critique the site.

Do a search for online critique sites to gather more crits.

Hope this helps....
_jim coe
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Very nice blog... Its a very informative......
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