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Generating traffic - Where do I start: PPC? SEO?

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Generating traffic - Where do I start: PPC? SEO?


My site (removed URL as it no longer exists) , which is currently under review, is not generating any traffic. There is an overwhelming amount of info out there on where to get traffic and I simply don't know where to start.

This is an informational site meant to generate revenue from Adsense and a bit through affiliate marketing.

Should I start with PPC or SEO?

I'm not sure how to set up a ppc campaign for it because it has so many subtopics. Should I have a campaign for every subtopic? Should I have a campaign for my main key word (debt consolidation)? What should be my landing page?

With regard to SEO, what should I start with? Further her optimizing my pages? Submitting articles? Trading links? Press release? Submitting to search Engine Directories?

I guess what I'm asking is how do I set up a proper traffic campaign for this particular site.

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You could do both but it is going to take a while to start getting organic traffic because the competition is pretty fierce for your main keywords. For the SEO side of things I would dig a little deeper for more long tail keywords. When you start your Adwords campaign be sure to create many ad groups that are well organized and concentrated. You will want to use different landing pages for your ad groups.
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