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Frustration with article sites

mark schaaf
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Frustration with article sites

I have been doing article marketing for a while now and have been adding new places to send my articles to as well, but my problem is most of the article sites claim they are doing you a service but don't tell you anything thinking you are supposed to read everything and understand everything in there guidelines which I do, but when you ask them a question you almost never get an answer. It is so frustrating because I found what I thought was a great new place for articles and am allowed to put 1 link in the article. So I posted my first article on their site which they have to approve, but I was declined with a reason of not following the guidelines, I sent them a note and said if they are declining my article that I at least deserve a reason why. They claimed I had 2 links in the article and was put on probation, but how can someone claim there are 2 links when I put in only one. Is there another way to put in a link that doesn't show up for all eyes to see so it can be counted. Not only that but I looked through many of the articles on this site and so many of them don't follow the sites guidelines yet they are posted. My question is should I bother wasting my time with these people and move on or should I get them to do what they say they do. Mark
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It might seem like a dumb question, but how are you submitting your articles - are you writing them on Word or a similar program and then copy pasting straight into the submission box?

I used to get that error all the time before I worked out that the software that I was using to write my articles was inserting stupid symbols into the article and messing up their system. Now I write in Word, copy paste to notepad and then copy/paste from there to the submission form.

A long shot, but if you are not putting the links in then they are coming from somewhere :o)
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