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Forum posts that actually stick

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Forum posts that actually stick

Any suggestions on the best way to make a forum post stick? I know the comment you leave should contribute in a meaningful way to the thread, but is there anything else?

Should your keyword be your username, or is that too obvious?

Which is more valuable? A specific PR n/a from a PR5 article site, or a specific PR n/a from a PR5 press release site?

I am in the dog training niche. Should I only be posting to forums related to this topic? Would it be a waste of time to post to off topic forums ?

Thank you.
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I Would never put my keyword as my username that is way too obvious and just too spammy.
Do not post to off topic forums, again that just looks spammy.
However you could answer helpful comments on non related blogs and have your site in your signature line... but make sure you do a few helpful posts first.

You might find this blog post helpful. ... page-rank/

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I agree with, Troy. We, as moderators, remove comments that are posted by "members" who use their keyword as their username.
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