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Duplicate Content

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Duplicate Content


I need answers on the topic "duplicate content" and if it will be penalized. Here's the deal:

I want to make a website and add lots of self written content, fresh from the top of my own head, nothing ripped or re-written. BUT I would like to place some parts of the content on 2 sections of my website. Let's say Affilorama would be placing some of their lessons into a "90 Day Road To Success Plan" because it is about that exact same subject. I don't feel like re-writting my own content again to make sure it's not duplicate. So I want to use that "exact-already-used-on-my-own-website-content" again on another section of my website.

This would make it duplicate content BUT only on my own website. My question is "Will my website be penalized for this?"

p.s. I do NOT want to use frames or disallow the crawler to the second page, I want both to be able to rank.

Hope someone can give me some clear answers!!

Thanks in advance!

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Generally speaking, you will not be penalized for this. There are some more things to consider rather than being penalized by the SEs when intentionally creating internal duplicate content:

Site structure is an extremely important part of both usability and SEO. It is important that your site structure is consistent, logical and predictable.

You state that "I want both to be able to rank".. for what? If the key phrase you want both of these pages ranking for is the same or very similar then 9 times out of 10 you are much better canonizing the URL to be one or the other and allowing the SE's to index and rank that page powerfully, rather than leaving it up to the SEs to check your internal pages with duplicate content and decide.

Generally speaking two identical pages on one site will not rank for different keyphrases. There are exceptions, but these are rare.

You would be better offering the visitor the option of what version to read through the prominent display of a "relevant lesson" link on both pages linking to eachother.

Jeremy G
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This would make it duplicate content BUT only on my own website. My question is "Will my website be penalized for this?

No offence meant, but I think that your site will be at a disadvantage because of duplicate internal content.

Here are some helpful url's (read the second one carefully)

http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot. ... ntent.html

http://www.searchenginejournal.com/how- ... sues/7202/

http://www.searchenginejournal.com/prot ... sues/5561/
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