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Does Google "penalize" based on IP address?

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Does Google "penalize" based on IP address?

Hello everyone,

I have been curious about this for a while. If Google has an issue with a particular domain, how does it view subsequent domains given that most of us are using shared hosting (same IP) , eg Hostgator Baby package? In other words, if Google applies any kind of "penalty" to one of your domains (for whatever reason) does it flag any or all of your subsequent domains. Afterall they will have the same IP address.

I'm making the uneducated assumption that if Google thinks it can't "trust" one of your sites then it might not trust the IP address in general - so you might be off to a bad start with new domains. Since all of your sites will be using the same IP address, does it treat them all with "suspicion" or not? Hope this makes sense!

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the problem with that is with that shared hosting IP there are probably hundreds of other sites as well. they really dont know which ones are yours and which ones aren't, so i dont think so.

however, i like keeping my domains on seperate ips for other reasons including link juice. links from different ips will give more link juice, and since i cross promote different niches, as well as have several feeder sites set up, i have them all set up with a hostgator resellers account using unique ip adresses for all of them.
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Hey Paul,
Google has other ways of finding you and your sites and previous sites.
They can keep track of whois, your computers ID etc..
The IP doesn't matter so much in my opinion.
Now having said that, if you are on a really bad neighborhood range of IP's then it can create a few issues.
Google will mainly ban the domain and not the IP range.

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