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Do you need permission to link to other sites?

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Do you need permission to link to other sites?

If you look at the site below and click on Honda on the left side and then
click on the Honda Generator ling below the Ads by yahoo it takes you to
a different website. Are you allowed to link to anyones website as part of
your own website design? The website below seems to be a lot of links to
other sites with a whole lot of what seems like just garbage info below the
yahoo ads. This site doesnt give a whole lot of info on the different type of
generators. It just links to different sites from what I can see.

http://www.warmwisdompress.com/r/genera ... rators.asp

Thanks, :D
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You can link to whoever you want too.

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I have a similar question:

I have an art website (mimenta.com) - It's a conundrum because compared to other stuff, art ranks very low in keyword searches, pays crap in commissions etc etc but I am an artist so am passionate about it, so went with an art site, out of passion alone.

Searching the net, I have found only one other site in my field and they are concentarating on things I am not promoting. I reckon we could do well together. Any suggestions how to approach them - what to put in the email?
What would you suggest I offer them. They are promoting Commission Junction.

And Mark, if you are reading this, I am working on another site for January uploading, that will be more competative to go with the 90 day road map.
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