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Conversion Rates

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Conversion Rates

I believe Mark once mentioned that a 1% conversion rate with SEO would be a good conversion rate.

Was he referring to 1% of the people who just visit your site, or was he referring to 1% of those who actually click through to the merchant page, and then end up purchasing?

For example, 1% of 200 people who visit your site is 2, but if only half of these people click your affiliate link through to the merchant page, then 1% of 100 people is 1.

Thank you.
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about 1% of the visitors to your site is a good number to look at, but it can also be misleading. You may get 500 or more visitors with no sales and then get 5 sales in the next 50 visitors. It is an average over time.
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Traffic is helpful only when it converts into sales and customers, so its very important to increase sales and conversion rate. Its not important that all visitors will come to your website at one time. May be , 0% of visitors will converted or may be conversion happens in next 5 visits as jmpruitt said. i am also little confused about Conversion rates and Sales and always looking for good information related to that.
http://fatbit-tech.weebly.com/2/post/2013/08/conversion-rate-optimization-better-investment-than-spending-more-for-traffic.html . This is really interesting to read.
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