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Competing for high paying keywords - How do you get traffic?

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Competing for high paying keywords - How do you get traffic?

Mark, in your videos you explain that we should compete for the higher paying keywords but how do you get your traffic when you are competing with millions of others?

Building the site and optimizing it is the easy part. With the majority of the higher paying words it could potentialy take months to even be seen in Google. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi Joshua,

Have you watched all the videos yet?

I guess the "trick" (if you can call it that) is to find high-paying keywords (for AdSense) that aren't highly competitive. There are certain markets that are saturated beyond belief, and they're typically the ones that spring to mind first when you think about making an AdSense site. You need to dig a little deeper and think a little weirder and find a niche that isn't already exploited, and then by building a quality site, optimizing it and following the 90 day roadmap you can wiggle your way up there.

Like I've said in my videos, check out directories for more information. Take some time to browse through the posts on this forum also -- There are a lot of suggestions for finding great niches that have been thrown out by other members.

http://www.seoprotoolz.com/profitable_niches_in_under_10_minutes -- is a really good lesson suggested by another member showing how to use Google AdWords Keyword tool to find search terms paying big money. Use this method and enter some diverse sites into the "find keywords related to the content on this page" box to get some good ideas. Try entering http://www.thomasnet.com into the box to see what sort of money people are bidding for B2B search terms. Hardly anyone is making Adsense sites on these topics -- if you can find one that is paying well and is heavily searched for, then this could be a much easier path than trying to compete on more commonplace terms.

http://www.nichebot.com/ is another good tool for finding keywords that don't have so much competition.

Once you've found a good topic, follow the lessons and the 90 day roadmap. If you're having real difficulty getting into Google vist http://www.ineedhits.com and try their G Boost package, otherwise just make sure there's a way for Google to get to your site (get a link from another site) and wait. Remember to use Traffic Travis to keep an eye on things.

If you're really new to this sort of thing, perhaps don't try to tackle the big boys in the really competitive markets from the get-go. If you focus on smaller niches you're likely to see faster results and you'll be more encouraged. If you really MUST go after the competitive markets, try attracting traffic on more specific, less competitive search terms, then keep people coming back to your site with good quality content and a newsletter list or blog.

I hope that helps!

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