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.com.au or .com: does it matter

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.com.au or .com: does it matter

Hi guys,

I have a client I designed a website a few years ago. She has now produced an e-product she wants to flock off on the website, and maybe later as an affiliate product.

Her website is a .com.au domain. I have been wondering whether I should get a new .com domain for the product alone. These are the questions I have:

- Is .com easier to rank in SERPs than a .com.au domain
- Do you think US customers would be less likely to purchase an e-product from a "foreign" URL?
- The upside of the .com.au domain is that it is well aged and has already been ranked by Google and ranks reasonably well for relevant keywords (which was never planned)

So... old .com.au, or new.com. Whatcha think?

Markus :-)
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Hi RW,
The answer lies in who you are targeting.
If you are targeting the Australian market then go with the .au
If you want to target the U.S and world then go with a new .com

Google will serve up .au domains more on the Aussie Google.

You could get a new .com and just redirect it to the .au or just build a new site for the .com
How U.S and global searchers will respond to seeing the landing URL as a .au, well you will need to test that one if you decide to go down the redirect path.

Not much you can do about it unfortunately.

Good luck.
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