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CMS web site

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CMS web site

Hi all, first post here, just joined affilorama.

I have a web site that was built using Joomla cms.
Now I want to use SEO and get the site up there on Google etc.
The root directory just has a redirect to a folder /cms where the site is.

My question is should I leave everything in place as it is and add more on page optimised pages to the root.

Help advice would appreciated.
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Hi Denis,

My $0.02: if the folder on your server is /cms, and your website shows up as http://domain.com/ and not http://domain.com/cms/ then I think you'll be fine. The search engine robots won't know about your /cms folder unless you explicitly told them about it.

BTW, I did a Google quick search for "Joomla SEO" and came up with tons of results including what looks like some extensions. Let your fingers do the typing and your eyes do the reading!

Good luck!

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