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ClickBank Analytics question

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ClickBank Analytics question

Can anyone clarify about the order form submit count in CB analytics.
When checking the analytics, some days there can be about 2 ,3 or more Order Form Submit Counts but don't show up as sales. Whereas other times the order for submit count is same as the sales. Any idea what is the reason for this.

The clickbank order form submit count is defined as - " The number of customers that clicked submit on the clickbank order form for the selected time period"

Would appreciate some clarification on this.
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i think the following Q&A I lifted from the Clickbank analytics FAQ might help.

Q: Why does my number of Order Form Submits not match my Gross Sale Count?

A: There are several reasons that an order form submit may not turn into an order including (1) the customer didn’t enter all the fields correctly and (2) the customer’s method of payment was declined. When a customer doesn’t enter the fields correctly, which happens more often, our order form is designed to help customers to enter the correct information as efficiently as possible.
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