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Canonical issues

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Canonical issues

Just ran a report. Which has informed me i've i have a canonical issue on my site. I had created a website from wix.com but decided to have a web designer to create my current site. Could this be the problem for my canonical issue? How would I get rid of this?
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Hey Wax,

Canonical "issues" are where you've got two pages with largely the same content, and it's hard for the search engines to know which one is the main one. They won't index both of them, so you need to say which one is your preferred one. (Your "canonical" page is your "preferred" page. Try seeing "preferred" every time you see "canonical" and it'll make a lot more sense.)

Was your Wix site on the same domain name as your current site? Do those pages still exist / are they still accessible?

The easiest solution would be to pull down your old Wix site if it's still hanging around. I'm not sure how your new site has been built, but it's possible those old pages are still lurking somewhere.

Alternatively, if there are URLs of pages from your Wix site that are no longer used on your new site, you can do a 301 redirect from those. That means anyone visiting them (including the search engines) will be sent to the new page.

You can also go in and add tags to either your preferred or non-preferred pages, marking them as such so that the search engines know. But it seems the easiest thing would be to remove your old site... if it's still around.

If you're using WordPress, there's also the chance that your canonical issues are due to having your content duplicated, just because of the way WordPress works. (Eg you could have category pages that contain the same info as your actual post pages). If you could show us your site, we can probably see if this is the case just from looking. If this is the case, you can also probably get a plugin to help sort it out.
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