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Can't understand why traffic is dropping

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Can't understand why traffic is dropping

Hey guys. After my SERP ratings recently tanked and were restored, my traffic was around 60-70 unique visitors per day. Traffic Travis is showing me that my keyword rankings are remaining about in the same position in Google and some are even a little bit better.

The weird thing is that my traffic has slowly gone down to about 40ish unique visitors per day despite my rankings being the same or better than was they were.

I've also noticed that my bounce rate is in the high 70's but I don't think this is related.

I'm getting about 5 hops per day but still no sales yet. The main product I'm promoting is Pandora's Box which I've heard converts pretty well. I've only had about 380 hops so far so I know it is too soon to get an accurate conversion rate.

Any idea what is going on and how I can improve? I am still getting backlinks from AMA, UAW, and SEOLinkvine. I am looking into adding BuildMyRank once I have all the articles for my second site up as well.
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One thing is that traffic fluctuates on different days, weeks and months, so what was a normal amount last month, might be higher or lower this month. People just have different interests and moods depending on the weather, the season, etc.

About the hops, the more targeted your traffic is, the higher the conversion rate. You can get a lot of hops from general traffic, but none of them will turn into sales. Focus on buyer and urgency type keywords.

BuildMyRank would be a nice addition to your current linking efforts, you need consistency, but also to mix it up a bit.
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My experience duplicates what esolutions has stated. If you keep records over several years you will find the site's traffic will vary greatly depending on season and weather.

I have found the winter months have a greater number of websurfers than the summer period. Also winter storms show a above normal traffic increase.

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