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Buying & selling existing websites to inhert page ranks?

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Buying & selling existing websites to inhert page ranks?

Hi Mark,

Just a short question. I was looking at starting a website in my specific niche and I went throught the materials on the 90 day roadmap.

Would you recommend looking for already existing websites that are already registered in the Yahoo directory, Google and other directories and already has an existing page rank or starting with a clean slate and building from scratch.

If buying existing virtual real estate is a good idea could you do a video illustrating the transfer of domain names from registrar to registrar aswell as a hosting move for the existing website looking to be purchased.

Any help would be great :-)

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Hey Cheryl,

Actually I find if you start with a brand new site, there is no reason why you can't get on the first page in google within 4-6 months if things go your way with the google dance and you do your seo well.

I'd recommend starting with a new site and not buying existing sites unless they are reasonably established and have on topic backlinks (not just set up to be on sold).

If you have money to buy websites, probably better to spend that money on buying links (while setting your website up from scratch). Perhaps that would be a better video tutorial for me to make for you guys?

Best regards,
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