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Buy a Submit Edge package

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Buy a Submit Edge package

Hi. I´m thinking of buying a submit edge package so my page can get more traffic. The think is that i am thinking to change my keywords and add more articles also. In my website i have 9 articles so i would add another one so it can be 10 because the minimun for the package are 10 articles. But i have my doubts. If i buy a package and then i change everything would that affect my website later?

I would like to buy it now because so i can let my page age but what would you recommend me?
Buy it now or wait until i change my website?
Also which package do you recommend me the most?. The $15 or the $25?

Kind regards!!!

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Hi there,

Depends when you are going to change your site. In the next couple of weeks, or 6 months? I don't think it's going to have that much effect but it depends how much you changing the site, if you change the urls then it wont help.

I would add your site to Google Webmaster Tools, add Google Analytics and submit a sitemap of the current pages, this way Google is going to crawl your site and will set the base for the age (if they haven't crawled already - Matt Cutts said they base it off when they first crawled).

Once done, make the website changes and then buy a package, by then you might of saved another $10 so you can purchase the $25 :)

Make sure to submit another sitemap once you've done with your site change.
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