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Build links pointed to subpages

sabrina gage
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Build links pointed to subpages

If I build links pointed to subpages, is it helpful to increase the page rankor quality of our home page?
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Hi Sabrina,

Building backlinks to your subpages, would help increase the page rank of your sub pages. In some cases, it might help out your homepage too, like for example, a backlink sent a viewer to your site....viewer likes it and remembers your web address, and just enters your home page the next time he visits...

But normally, backlinks are created to increase the rankings of the pages it points to...If you wish to improve the PR of your homepage, then you also have to create backlinks that point to your home page....
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There is a slight advantage to having links to your overall site for all your pages, but in general, the biggest factor is the links going to each individual page.
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