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Brute Force SEO program review

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Brute Force SEO program review

Brute Force SEO: http://www.bruteforceseo.com/

Non-affiliate link up there; it's a piece of software
that hasn't failed me each time I used it on a new

Takes me about an hour to run through the whole
thing but I always see results in the following days.

It's a truly misunderstood piece of software as it had
tons of bugs in the early days.

I'm glad I stuck on with it and it's now doing wonders
for me; take it as a supplement to your article marketing

Just a recommendation.

If you wish to sign up through my link, drop me a PM;
I'll help you get things setup then.

It could get real messy at the start and the support desk
folks are really cold -_-;;

If you have any questions feel free to ask here; I'll try to
answer as best I can.
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How does it compare to Traffic Travis out of interest?
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