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Backlinks vs. Quality Backlinks?

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Backlinks vs. Quality Backlinks?

Hey All,

I have a site that is number 9 on page 1 with google searched with quotes, but without quotes i'm on like page 5. The site has about 151 backlinks to the index and 157 total to my whole site. That being said I only have 2 "quality backlinks" where i posted only 2 articles to squidoo.(still waiting on my elancer for those other 20 articles) If I spin and focus those other 20 articles and post them to hubpages,squidoo, etc will I bump up in the ranking, or is it a matter of time as well as total backlinks?

One more question regarding Traffic Travis. When I do page analysis on my index I get an A+, btu when I do an SEO analysis my index shows up with only a check on my H1 tag, but none on my description and page title. I'm wondering why that is, it clearly does have these in place.


Thank you for your time and help
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when people talk about "high quality backlinks" theya re usually reffering to the PR of a site. honestly PR, like many other things has been abused and so does not add as much value to your links as it once did. Also, you need to realize that just because a site's main page has high pr does not mean yours will. in order to build the rank of your pages, you still have to backlink to them, and get some traffic flowing, otherwise you have just put out another backlink.
Sites like Squidoo are cracking down on people who just use their site for linking. you have to update your content, and work to get it seen or else they will ban your account and delete your pages.
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