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Backlinks through Articles Q'

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Backlinks through Articles Q'

I tried looking around for a somewhat definitive answer for this but found a range of opinions. Simply put, if an article directory allows for more than one anchor text hyperlink in the article body is it more beneficial to put all links pointing to one page on my site or separate links for separate pages on my site?

I found people saying my primary keyword should be used, then a secondary. Or that I should point it all at a medium competition keyword, aiming at just one page. I've heard that I should have the same selected anchor text hyperlink, ex. "buy golf clubs", "best golf clubs" and "golf club types" where "golf club" is the primary anchor text. I didnt even know that remotely mattered. But Id like to be educated.

So, from what you guys have experienced for just "think", what is most effective?
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If you want to rank a certain page on your site for a certain keyword, you would use that keyword for the anchor text when creating backlinks to the page.

If you have the option to have more than one link on your article, it would be best to link to different pages on your site.

I hope that helps :)
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Deep linking (pointing to pages on your site that is not your homepage) is a good idea. It will help with the spidering or indexing of your site. You should deep link to the page that discusses the article's topic in greater detail.
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