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Backlinks from the same domain

davis brothers
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Backlinks from the same domain

My question is regarding link juice and what the effects are if linking from multiple pages of an authority domain to my domain.


1.link from http://www.whitehouse.gov/ to mydomain.com

2.link from http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/03/ ... -president to mydomain.com/whatever

3.link from http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/01/ ... prevention to mydomain.com/123

and so on, so I would end up with multiple links from a domain but links on different pages to my domain also with the links pointing to multiple different pages.

How does the search engines count these links .Are they ignored or are they counted as long as they are on different pages and point to different pages on my site?

If they only count one link which link do they count , the first one , the last one , the one with the most juice ?

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Search engines would count these links separately.....if you would notice, sometimes a particular search term would give you results pointing to a specific page on a particular site....so, as per your example, if you have links from a certain page pointing to a page on your website and another link from a different page on that site pointing to a different page on your site and so forth, it would count towards links to that particular page.....

meaning....for your examples...

1. would count towards mydomain.com
2. would count towards mydomain.com/whatever
3. would count towards mydomain.com/123
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