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back link anchors

mark schaaf
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back link anchors

I have quite a few backlinks from hi pr blogs and forums which is great but we all know we want the anchor test to our site to have something to do with the site. One problem I find is that about half of the places I have my links from you create a profile and I have done this many times, In the profile you have your URL so people can click in your profile to go to your web site. But at the same time if you comment on anything on the site they show your profile name which is highlighted and if you put your cursor over the name which shows up on anything you comment on you can also go to your website but if you check your back link stats it will show the anchor test as your name. So my question is does this affect the strength of the back link. Does a back link with anchor text matching your site mean more then anchor text that is a name. Anchor text of dog training for a dog training site as opposed to john smith being the anchor text for the same site.
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Anchor text with a keyword

ie backlink will be same strength obviously depending on what page and how many links are on that page but the link will benefit dog training or name
Choose which is best for your site as they will show up in search
not much you can do in profiles if they are set up that way
In profiles try to make a signature link with the anchor how you want
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