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Automated Backups possible?

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Automated Backups possible?

Is there a way to automate daily backups for a reseller account? I've looked around and a lot of hosting companies list this as a benefit of their hosting. I'm just wondering how this is accomplished, through software i.e. Cpanel/WHM or is this done by the server manager the top level company running the server.

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The back up should be done automatically done by your webhost. Some web hosting companies offer this for free. There are also third party tools that offer the service for an additional charge. I have not tried their service but merely giving them as an example.But the back up should be provided by the web host since they own the server.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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There are some servers and web hosts that offer automatic backup as their feature but I have to say that it is still better to have a strategic time to do back ups.

Backing up is essential so that you get to keep your data in case something fails. And automatic updates are usually not applied with algorithms that would not make them dynamic. I suggest that you regularly do you own backing up or write a script to do it for you, concerning some heuristics to know when is the best time.
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