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Article submissions and linking to internal article pages

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Article submissions and linking to internal article pages

Hi all,

I never seem to be able to find threads on the topic I have a query about!
I read on the forum somewhere that it was a good idea to link to article pages if allowed instead of to the main sites home page.

My question is -
if I am submitting a spun article on "chewing dogs" it does not seem to be a sensible option to link to the original article on my website such as
for example.

How therefore does one link to an article page???
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You can link to another article, instead of a similar article, on your site. For example, in the author resource box for an article about 'stop dogs chewing' you can say "people who have read the above article also liked this article about stopping your dog from digging".
You can also make an article submitted to a directory look like part one, say a partial list (with explanations) of things to do for a certain situation or condition and then you say at the end "read more at ...." or "for other ways to .... go to ..... "
A little creativity will go a long way :)
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