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Article Submission and Backlink Strategy???

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Article Submission and Backlink Strategy???

I am a newbie in SEO and I had been trying to get some traffic to my site. Currently there had been only 50 visits in the past 2 weeks with 0 sales.

My 'strategy' if there is one is really just writing articles and submitting them myself. It is painfully slow, so I am now thinking of buying AMA. Also, I am just going onto whichever forum that I find in my niche that ideally has a dofollow signature - which I found only 1 by the way and am not allowed to put my link as it is deem an advertisement!!!

I read that there are strategies involved like - how to drip in your articles so it looks natural, how to prioritise your links to those with high PR. Is this taught in AB or anywhere that I can learn more details about and hopefully create a strategy rather than just dump everything I learn only to end up sabotaging my efforts unknowingly?

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Yeah, all this stuff is taught in AB.

Personally what I've been doing is "spinning" my articles (formatting them for AMA). Then I'll use spun articles to submit to about 15-20 high PR article directories. This is pretty good for getting some decent backlinks fast.

Then set the AMA articles live, and their system will submit a few articles each day or so. This makes the backlinking look very natural. AMA will take a while to really kick in though, so you need some patience.

If you do all of this yourself, there is very little risk of "sabotaging your efforts." A few month ago, I outsourced all of my article spinning for one of my sites and went crazy submitting articles. I must have done it too fast since that site got sandboxed. Doing it all yourself (or exercising a little self-restraint) will pretty much ensure that you don't overdo it though.

I hope this helped.
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