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Article Marketing SEO Service Excellent Stuff Guys

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Article Marketing SEO Service Excellent Stuff Guys

Hi AB Friends

Dennis Pit and I have partnered up to form a really great SEO article marketing service. The first month we are offering this service to 10 people for 50% off. I am including the way it works in this post. I have not put up a sales page on my Netwoozy site yet because we really wanted to take on 10 people at a time so we're not ready for a flood of orders just yet.

I will explain how much this system would cost you should you decide to implement it on your own. In addition to the monthly services you would need to have the articles written or write them yourself. Our service will save you huge monthly fees and the pain of training and hiring for outsourcing your work.

This is a plan that I personally am using for my own SEO. Only I have now ramped it up and expect things are going to improve for my own rankings as well as yours.

What I need from you. 3 URL's with anchor texts. You are allow up to three different anchor texts per URL. Also, put them in the order of priorty.. We will rotate through your URL's, but your priority URL will end up with the most links.

3 URL's in an order of priority
3 texts links to add to those URL's.
I recommend you very your anchor texts at least 2/3 times.


URL http://mysite.com/
anchor text chicken coops, chicken coop plans, buy chicken coop plan

Please look at your ranking stats for the kwds you are providing now. Then we want you to compare at the end of the month. Your results are going to vary according to the competition of the kw phrases you select so there's no way to know how well your rankings will improve. However, you will see a great increase in
your backlinks and you should see very good movement with your rankings.

Here's how this works:

1. This is a "service", not to be missunderstood as any type of ranking or traffic service. The goal for all of us working online is of course ranking and SEO. However, I don't want anyone to think that we're promising anything regarding rankings, however I do expect that you will have excellent results.

2. What you will get:

a. 1 article will be created at 550 words, then spun by way of each sentence spun 3 times. An additional article will be created at 100 words spun 3 times. These articles are then submitted to our massive article network of programs.

b. The original 550 word article is first submitted to Ezinearticles.com. You will have an "author" assigned to your site so if you continue with our services your author status will grow and when people look up articles under your author name, they will find other articles with backlinks to your site.

c. A spun version of the article is submitted to several article directories and blog networks.

1. ArticleProductions ($37.00 monthly service fee)
2. Ezipps.com (my personal site, article directory syndication)
3. Article Robot ($77.00 one time payment)
4. ArticleMarketingAutomation ($47.00 per month)
5. UniqueArticleWizard ($67.00 mnonthly service)
6. EzineArticles.com (free to submit)

d. Three new blogs are created with one article added. Blogs are created on the following sites:
wordpress.com, blog.com, blogspot.com (you will have the option later to have more articles posted to these blogs)

e. 10 new backlinks on average are created automatically everyday using Linkjuice ($47.00 monthly).

f. A BONUS video will be created this first month. First 10 people get in on this one. This is a test so you're in on this one as a freebie. I may charge an extra fee to the monthly service for this option. This video is creating using Animoto ($39.00 per month business acc.)

The video will be a short .20 to 30 sec. video with about 8 images. Just enough to be interesting. These videos are added to Youtube and AMA through Youtube. When added into AMA the video will get an anchor text link under it. I'll use your priority URL for this video.


At the end of the month you will receive a report that contains the list of URL's that linkjuice has posted your articles to and the links to the social bookmarks that were created.

In addition we will give you a snippet sentence of your article so you can do a search in Google to see how many backlinks you're getting from the article marketing SEO program.

You will also receive the URL where you can find your Ezinearticles article.

We cannot give you a report on where the articles are posted "exactly" as the programs we are subscribing to don't give us a report. However, you can check on the articles using the snippet we provide.

Dennis and I are pretty excited to provide this service and hope that this first month shows some great increased in your rankings.

In exchange for the 50% discount we would appreciate your noting your rankings now, before we begin and then let us know the difference when the month is up. Plus, testimonials from all of you would be appreciated - as long as you feel we are worthy.

AMA actually does a little tracking of your rankings but it's not as up to date as we'd like so it's best if you keep track of your before and after results.

You can PM or email me if you would like to be in on this discount. If we fill up the ten spots, I'll let you know and add you into the program as soon as possible.

I believe this is an excellent article marketing plan. What is really great about it is that once you lay a foundation with your Ezinearticles, youtube video, and the three blogs, in the next months to come you can begin to backlink these using Linkjuice. Dennis and I have plans to offer upgrades for those with multiple sites as well as adding more posts to the blogs we have created for you. For now, we want to start with this plan and then add in more options later.

If you have any questions about this service, just post them here and I'll try to answer them. Remember, I'm not promising rankings or traffic. It is a service. Your outsourcing this work to us. ;)

I forgot to add in the price. $97.00 per month. The first 10 will get the first month for $48.50.

Okay, that's it for now, PM me if you want in. :)
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