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Article Marketing Optimized Backlinks

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Article Marketing Optimized Backlinks

I am interested in creating backlinks to my site through article marketing.

Does Google care about additional tracking parameters I might add to my url.

E.g. if I am trying to get ranking for the following page mySite/myPage.htm, and I have many versions of this backlink on the article directories that have the url in the form mySite/myPage.htm?tid=xxxx or mySite/myPage.htm?tid=yyyy etc; where xxx, yyyy etc are my tracking parameters that tell me where the article click might come from.

In short what does Google do when it sees the same page but with many different versions of the query string (i.e. tracking parameters).

- Thanks
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Hi David,

Google will treat URLs with different tracking IDs as separate pages, so adding a tracking code is not something we recommend. Instead, you should take a look at 'Advanced Segmenting' in Google Analytics.
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For the purpose of analytics if you want to know where visitors have come from/referred, drill down into the page and check the Entrance Sources - it shows where the visitor came from to get to that page.

If you did use parameters on your pages you should use the canonical meta tag to tell Google the page URL to be indexed, otherwise its seen as duplicate content.
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