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AMAutomation vs UAW vs SEO LinkVine

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AMAutomation vs UAW vs SEO LinkVine


Which is the best on here?

Mark..any comments? cannot get them all..:)
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Hey mate,
I've been using AMA for a while now and it does well what it does which is get me contextual backlinks from a number of different blogs. One well spun article can fetch a couple of hundred backlinks over time.

Haven't used SEO Linkvine but I believe it's the same idea as AMA with maybe some other statistics tools thrown in.

Unique Article Wizard submits to blogs AND article directories. The power here is that an article can be syndicated from article directories and posted onto other websites creating further backlinks. I also think these article directories will have higher page rank in comparison to the majority of blogs.

I'm personally going to look into UAW further.
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Here's some more info on SEOLinkVine....

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