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AMA - not very impressive results

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AMA - not very impressive results

Dear Mark

As instructed on your video ( in a newsletter from last week), I've subscribed to SEO quake.
Ok. Now I can see the number of external links to the various pages is pretty darn awful.
After 2 weeks with AMA and the articles have been rewritten 150%, there are....2, yes 2, external links!
Is this normal Mark?
I had the impression from your video instructions that this'd be easily in the tens if not hundreds in a very short time.
I could've done 2 external links manually in 1/2 hour.

What else shoudl I be doing Mark?

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I maybe misunderstanding your issue, but if you go to

http://www.webmasterlogs.com/link-analy ... links.html

you can see the back links to your website. Some will probably be from AMA (indirectly).
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IT takes time for those links to get indexed. Be patient. AMA does work. and very well. but it can take up to 2 months for all the links to be found and indexed. it also will take about 2-3 months for an article to be fully distributed. I joined 6 months ago and they are still finding new links. I haven't posted any new articles for one site in over 3 months yet they dont have all the links indexed yet.. be patient it is a long term process but highly effective one. one thing that will help is if you are using WP, when you get a pingback, go to that site and bookmark and twitter your article posted there.
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