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Am I generating the wrong traffic?

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Am I generating the wrong traffic?

I am in the self improvement niche and have had my website up and running since June 27th - so coming up to 1 month. I have gotten very good traffic (I think) for a website at my premature age. According to my google analytic I have 706 page views and around 50+ per day.

All but 12 of these views come from sites like stumble upon and reddit. It is my understanding that these sources don't really convert well because I haven't made a single sale. The 12 views comes from a yahoo search on one of my topics. Is that the traffic I should be targeting and stop posting links to these sites that provide useless traffic?

Just confused as to why I am getting little google traffic and so much website traffic? Am I actually doing the right thing or am I targeting the wrong people.

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That traffic is not necessarily bad, but it is general interest. That means that you should not try to go immediately for the sale, but get them to signup for your autoresponder so that you can give them time to get to know you and what you're offering.
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Esolutions is right as usual.

Hello Nick.
These "casual visitors" as I call them are not looking to buy anything at this moment but may turn into a customer in time. I recomend that you read through your site to make sure that it is a enjoyable site and not a sales page.

If it seems that you just want to push for a sale these visitors will just leave quick and not return, which means no chance for a sale. Check your bounce rate on google analytics, if it is high (like 80% or more) your site is not providing a good experience for the visitor.

Be sure that your content is high quality,easy to read and gives good infomation. As Esolutions said, try to get these visitors to sign-up for a newsletter so you can get them to come back at a latter time. If these visitors bookmark your site because they like it they may be back when they want what you are selling.

It sounds like you are off to a good start.

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