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Always worry about my stats & backlinks but know I shouldn't

mark schaaf
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Always worry about my stats & backlinks but know I shouldn't

I know I shouldn't worry about things like this but I do and just want to know. I check my stats on different sites for back links and other things, well I check everyday just because, and for the last month this site says google has 41 pages of my web site indexed and bing and yahoo only show 1 each, then I checked today and google shows no indexed pages, Like I said before I know I shouldn't worry but does anyone know what in the world happened. one more question for month I submit my site to directories and all the things I was told to but I have yet to see a single back link for any of them, I also submitted to D moz over 3 months ago so the question is how long should it take for any of my links to show up. thanks
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Hi Mark,
Your site will go up and down in the search engines for a couple of months, then even out.
If you submit your site to any search directories that just means you are making them aware of your site. It will not get you any backlinks to your site.
Unless you are talking about article directories, that will get you some backlinks but it also depends on how many you submit to, their page rank, if they are like by google etc...

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Its very natural for google to behave this way. I would strongly suggest you to use "Google webmaster tools" to get any details about the performance of your website instead of using external websites. It shows exactly who backlinks your website. Regarding DMOZ, it might take even your life time to get listed. I am waiting for a long time and still not listed yet. Its natural again. Regarding submitting to directories, the directories always takes months to list your website in their directory. You must also note that search engines gives more importance to those directories which has page rank more than 3. This might also be a reason why your backlinks are not shown. Hope this helps....
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