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Accuracy of Google Keyword Tool numbers

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Accuracy of Google Keyword Tool numbers

I read somewhere that the Google Keyword Tools are based on PPC data ?

Does this mean if there are 1000 searches for a particular keyword, that there are in reality much more, because this amount does not factor in SEO ?

What is the SEO/PPC split for clicking purposes ? 70/30 ?

Thank you.
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The number of people searching for a particular phrase should be the same since they all enter in the same query into the search box regardless of whether they end up clicking on a PPC listing or an organic listing.

However, I've heard that about 15% of search traffic ends up clicking on a PPC ad, while the rmaining 85% clicks on an organic search ad.

PPC traffic is diminishing from what I've heard since many people are becoming "ad-blind"
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