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About Moving Sites (301 Redirect)

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About Moving Sites (301 Redirect)


I have bought a new domain for my website because of the old domain name looking a bit spammy with all the hyphens.

If you have moved a website to a new domain before, can you tell me, how long does it take Google to replace the old domain name in the SERPs with the new one?

Generally a 301 redirect should pass all the link juice, PR etc. from the old page to the new page.
Do you think i will be experiencing any ranking loss either temporary or permanent. (Well i just lost a 3rd position :) and it's not any where in the first 1000 results.)

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join google webmaster tools if you havent already. from there you can submit to google the new domain,and let them know that the old site has moved. they will get the new site indexed and showing quickly. there are good instructions inside on how to do it properly.
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