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What keywords should I target as a beginner in PPC?

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What keywords should I target as a beginner in PPC?

Hey everyone,

I'm new here but I had a ton of success in the SEO world and now I'm about to test my hand at PPC. I've been reading a lot here at Marks website and as I'm working on setting up my first landing page and adds and I'm wondering what particular keywords should I target first?

My topic revolves around a debt negotiation company and I know that this topic is fairly competitive but I plan to work in more long tail and less competitive niches within the debt topic. Doing this is what I believe will give me the best chance of paying less per click and finding more sales.

So what keywords should I start with first?
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Hi choldheide,

Your topic is indeed interesting and a lot of people can relate to it. I suggest you do your initial keyword research first by using resources that are available, like Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Travis. Using these tools will help you see what kind of keywords that users really use to look for information on the internet.

Here's a really good lesson on how to do keyword research:
How to do Keyword Research

Affilorama Premium Members can access the Keyword Suggestion Tool. It can really make things easier when you do your keyword research. Check out this really helpful Tool:
Keyword Suggestion Tool

Once you already have your initial list, do some analysis to know the strengths of your keyword choice.

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