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What Is Mark Lings PPC Bidding Strategy?

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What Is Mark Lings PPC Bidding Strategy?

So I'm just getting started in using PPC. Currently I'm starting my first campaign around a debt program. This program offers a $250 commission for each sign up. However I have a few questions before I get started...

1. What should my bidding strategy be starting out? I've also heard around the forum that Mark has a specific method to bidding in Adwords, what is it?

2. How many ad groups should I set up starting out?

3. How should I structure my campaign? I plan just marketing one product as of now.

More questions to come...
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Mark does have a PPC strategy which he shared in Affiloblueprint and Affilojetpack. I usually bid a higher amount for keywords that contain product names, like $1.50 or so. I do this so I can get a good click through rate at the onset. I also start out with three ad groups.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Mark has really simple bidding strategy. Firstly, he makes sure that all his keywords are in succinct ad groups. So that he will have a different ad group for each product name. He started at $1.60 for product names. This sounds like a lot, but starting pretty high is great because bidding high at the start can get a good click-through rate from the start. And also, bidding high will appear towards the top, which means more people will click on your ad.
Mark also said that it's better to keep your bidding strategy simple and work hard at the other things.
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